Arena eventing

Grass Arena Event
2015 90cm Log pile

How does our Arena Event run?

We host classes for juniors and seniors on horses or ponies at heights of 60cm, 75cm and 90cm.  All classes consist of 2 phase jumping rounds:  show jumping followed by arena cross country.  The show jumping course will be made up of approximately 8 - 10 jumps including a double.  This will be immediately followed by the timed cross country phase.  This phase will be started by the judge upon successful completion of the show jumping phase.  The cross country section will consist of a further 8 - 10 cross country and working hunter type fences.

It's great fun!  All the safety of arena jumping with the thrill of cross country riding!

All our cross country jumps are built and secured to BE standard. Body protectors and skull caps must be worn throughout the competition.



Sponsor a Jump

We are very grateful to have received sponsorship from several local businesses during the development of our course.

Thank you kindly to Morven Peebles of Paw Prints Kennels; Sally Brown from The Road End at Easter Grangemuir; Stacey Allan from The Ship Tavern.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a jump, please speak to David to discuss details.