XC Jumps at Ovenstone

XC Jumps at Ovenstone
  • XC training field set in 23 acres adjacent to the main yard
  • Over 90 flagged jumping efforts
  • All fences built by resident BE silver list builder David Wilson
  • Wide variety of jumps 
  • Water complex with variation of slope and height of step/drop in/out
  • Ditch of varying depth and width from 45cm to  160cm
  • Bank step/drop varying from 15cm to 1m
  • Derby bank with jumping options
  • Many jumps available to jump both directions marked with 2 flags of the same colour
  • All fences built and fixed down to BE standards
  • Bring your own coach/instructor.  All jumps can be seen from a central vantage point
  • All fully insured
  • See facilities link for temporary stabling available for overnight stays/clinics
  • To book your slot, get in touch