Cross country training field

Cross Country Training Field

Ovenstone Equine are a specialist equestrian centre. They offer a wide range of facilities and services for horse owners and trainers. For example, they offer a range of bespoke livery services, an indoor and outdoor arena, a lunging pen and a cross country training field. As a BHS approved livery yard, they have a reputation for putting the interests of the horses they care for in first place. If you are looking for a cross country training field, Ovenstone Equine have the facilities you need at an affordable price.
What is cross country riding?
Cross country riding is an exciting aspect of horse riding. Riders take the mounts across specially designed courses that include obstacles designed to test the courage and capabilities of both horse and rider. The strength and agility of the horse, the strategy of the rider, and the courage of both are tested with jumps and other obstacles to be passed. Sometimes cross country riding is carried out as a timed race, with the medal awarded to the fastest competitors.
Why use a cross country training field?
Cross country riding requires specific skills on the part of bother horse and rider. The horse needs to learn to approach obstacles safely and clear them securely. They also need to learn to trust the judgement of the rider. The rider needs to learn the potential of their mount, as well as how to communicate effectively so that the pair operate as a single unit. By visiting a cross country training field, the pair can work together to develop their relationship and reach their potential.
Why do Ovenstone Equine have the best choice of cross country training field?
At Ovenstone Equine, you will find an excellent cross country training field. The space is well maintained and ideal for beginner and experienced riders and horses. The cross country training field features a wide range of types and sizes of obstacles, meaning that you can train in a variety of skills.
As well as a high quality cross country training field, Ovenstone Equine offers many other facilities and services that you and your horse can benefit from. As well as the training facilities, like the indoor and outdoor arena spaces and the 20m diameter lunging pen, they offer a full range of facilities for caring for your horse. Your horse will love the hot and cold shower facilities, as well as the solarium for after the shower. All the facilities are used according to an effective health and welfare policy which means that the horses are well looked after. The site includes spacious tack lockers for your equipment. The owners are not forgotten either – you will find changing facilities for your own needs that are clean and well maintained.
If you are looking for the best cross country training field facilities, Ovenstone Equine are waiting to hear from you. Why not get in touch with the help team to see how they can meet the needs of you and your horse?