On site competitions

On Site Competitions

Are you looking for equestrian facilities that offer on site competitions? Are you hoping to organise an event and need the location, or want to ride in local on site competitions? If so you need the services of Ovenstone Equine. They are a BHS approved livery yard and specialise in equestrian on site competitions. For all enquiries about on site competitions, why not get in touch with the team today to see how they can help? Ovenstone Enquiries have the facilities as well as experience in organising on site competitions.
Dressage on site competitions
Dressage is a highly skilled equestrian sport. If is all about the harmony between the rider and mount in creating an elegant, well choreographed and controlled display of movement. Both the indoor and outdoor arena are suited for dressage training, with the facility to host on site competitions in dressage. If you are looking for on site competitions in dressage, get in touch today to find out more.

Show jumping on site competitions
Show jumping is probably the most well known aspect of horse competitions, and Ovenstone Equine has the facilities to host on site competitions. The indoor arena has training facilities, with lightweight plastic jumps and poles. The outdoor arena, with the 30 metres by 70 metres space, has the facilities to host on site competitions. If you enjoy show jumping and are interested in show jumping, get in touch for more information and hep.

Cross country on site competitions
Cross country riding is highly exciting and a great way to showcase the skills of both rider and horse. By clearing a course in a fast time and passing a number of obstacles, the horse and rider show how well they work together. The horse shows its strength and endurance, along with its courage. The rider shows his leadership, strategy and courage. Ovenstone Equine has a cross country training field with obstacles for all abilities and experience levels. Why not get in touch to enquire about on site competitions in cross country riding?

As well as on site competitions, Ovenstone Equine offer a full range of training and livery services. The indoor and outdoor arena, cross country training field and lunging pen are ideal for training your horse in specific skills so that you become closer as rider and mount. The stables are ideal for secure, safely housing horses, with facilities for tack storage.
One speciality at Ovenstone Equine is the livery service for horse care. There is a bespoke hot and cold shower facility, as well as a high quality solarium which your horse will love. All the facilities operate on a strict health and welfare policy that puts the safety and happiness of the horses in first place.
Whether you want training facilities, clinics to improve your technique, livery services or on site competitions, Ovenstone Equine have the facilities that you need. For more information, including all enquiries about on site competitions, get in contact with the team today. They are waiting to hear from you!