BHS Approved Livery Yard

BHS Approved Livery Yard

Horses are complex, intelligent creatures that need to be cared for properly. That’s why it’s so important that you find the right livery yard for your horse. As a horse owner, you need to be sure that your horse is in safe hands and they are being cared for in the right way when you are not there.

You can find livery yards all over the country, but the quality of care varies a lot and you can’t always be sure that you have picked the right place, even if it appears to be fine when you visit. That is why the British Horse Society has created a system for assessing and approving livery yards to give reassurances to horse owners.

Our BHS approved livery yard has been through a rigorous assessment procedure so you can be sure that we will offer the very best level of care for your animals. The British Horse Society tested our facility based on a wide range of different criteria before awarding us the title of BHS approved livery yard.

Firstly, they consider the initial impression that they get when entering the yard. That covers things like the overall appearance of the yard, and whether it seems clean and organized or not. They also take note of things like customer service and the interactions that they have with our staff. This is important because horse owners need to have a positive relationship with the people that are caring for their horses, and that’s something that you will always get with us.

The most important aspect of the assessment is horse care. Any BHS approved livery yard must have a management and care program for all horses that includes regular exercise, foot and tooth care, worming, and regular veterinary care when needed. They will also check that your horse has access to good quality food and clean water, and their shelter is appropriate for all seasons. Finally, we are checked to ensure that we have an adequate evacuation policy in the event of a fire, including a full list of all of the horses that are on the premises. You will find all of the details of this care program in the livery contract that we give you.

Our BHS approved livery yard also meets all of the required standards for riding out. This includes providing all of the necessary protective clothing and equipment, and maintaining a safe area for riding.

All members of staff on our team are experienced with horse care and have been checked by the British Horse Society to ensure that they are capable of looking after the horse’s daily needs and providing the care that they need. If you want to be sure that your horse is looked after properly, a BHS approved livery yard is the only way to go.

If you are looking for a livery yard for your horse, feel free to get in touch today and you can arrange a visit to see our amazing facilities for yourself.