Stables in Auchterderran

Stables in Auchterderran
Looking after and owning a horse is a beautiful and rewarding privilege that is well worth the effort. However, like any living creature, a horse needs to be properly housed to keep it happy, healthy and fit. Because of the specific requirements that a horse needs, it really isn’t practical for most people to provide their own accommodation for their horse, which is why one of the most important responsibilities of horse ownership is to find decent stables for them to live.
Here at Ovenstone Equine we know that you want the very best stables for your favourite animal on four legs, and we want to help! Located in the East Neuk of Fife, we at Ovenstone Equine are able to provide some of the highest quality stables in Auchterderran at reasonable rates. If you are looking for the best stables in Auchterderran for your horse, take a moment to read on and find out what we can offer and why we are known as one of the best places for stables in Auchterderran!
Ovenstone Equine Stables in Auchterderran
Just like all of the facilities here at Ovenstone Equine, our stables are well planned out and expertly designed to give the very best experience for your horse. We currently have twenty-four American barn style stables which have been cleverly retrofitted inside our traditional farm buildings as well as a further 9 stables in our newest shed building. These traditional farm buildings are great for use as stables because they are well ventilated and provide excellent protection against adverse weather, both from heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Just like us, our horse companions want their homes to be comfy, cosy and clean, and these modern high-quality stables in Auchterderran are just that. Each of the stables in Auchterderran at Ovenstone Equine has a hard wood wall surround with anti-weave bars above and a well maintained and easy to manage sliding stable door. Each of the stables in Auchterderran at Ovenstone Equine is fitted with a comfortable rubber mat floor which is easy to keep clean and makes the perfect base for winter or summer bedding.
Temporary Stables in Auchterderran
As well as the main stables that are available at Ovenstone Equine, we also have 4 Cheval Liberte style stables which are available for hire for as little as an hour and as long as overnight stays. These are some of the most practical and flexible stables in Auchterderran and they are easy to use and arrange.
Ovenstone Equine Stables
In Auchterderran there are plenty of good stables, and we at Ovenstone Equine are proud to be part of the local riding community. We want you to be as happy as your horse will be with our stables, and so we do invite you to come and see the onsite facilities, riding centre, indoor and outdoor arenas and other useful amenities for yourself. If you are interested in getting your horse homed in stables in Auchterderran, get in touch with us today!